We raise a variety of small ruminants and poultry.

All of them are Heritage Breeds as defined by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy with the exception of our Alpacas.

Small ruminants mean these animals chew cud!  They have multiple stomachs and are adept at using the coarse (weedy/brushy) elements of the pasture as well as the grass and clover.  We raise Nubian Dairy Goats for milk, Mytonic Goats as meat, Leicester Longwool Sheep for both fiber an meat, and the Alpacas as fiber livestock.

We raise Narragansett Turkeys and have had them on our Farm for almost 30 years now.  They do better than any other Heritage Breed.  We began with Buckeye and Delaware chickens in 2006 as part of a project with ALBC.  We’re still evaluating which breed does best in order to get down to a single breed.

Please look at the detail pages for more information on our livestock.

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